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Here’s what you need to know about recovering damages for personal injuries in an Automobile Accident.  Two words:  Liability and Damages.

What do lawyers mean when we say that the damages are “good”?  It means that the more serious the injury, the more money you will receive for those damages.

Nobody should hope for “good” injuries.  They range from fractures to loss of limbs to paralysis.  But, if you have suffered any injuries in an automobile accident, slip-and-fall in a supermarket or department store, you need to call the LawDoctor.

Because even “bad” injuries can get compensation.  What’s important is that you document your injuries – make all medical appointments, attend physical therapy, etc.  In an automobile case in New York, your own automobile policy covers those medical costs – if you are a passenger or pedestrian, you are also covered by one of the automobiles involved in the accident.

So, you’ve just been involved a car accident or suffered personal injuries in some other manner.  Maybe you went straight from the scene of the accident to the emergency room.  Take a deep breath, get your bearings and call the LawDoctor.


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