“I was thinking about which direction I needed to go in my financial life and I began to consider filing for Bankruptcy. “Is this really an option for me?” I never thought that I would allow myself to fall into a situation like this and I really got down on myself. I was fortunately referred to Ben and he confirmed with me that Bankruptcy was indeed my best option and he gave me many reasons why. After reviewing my case with him, he really made me comfortable in taking these steps and most importantly through our conversations, he eliminated the stigma in my mind about filing for Bankruptcy. I really appreciate your help in getting me a fresh start Ben.” –J.E.

Uncontested Divorce
“Dealing with Ben was a great experience for both me and my ex-wife. We realized that we weren’t met to be with each other and we just wanted OUT. We did not have children and while we were married we gathered some assets, but nothing crazy. After I spoke with Ben initially he realized that my wife was on the same page as I was, and we ended up going through the Uncontested Divorce route. It was quick, easy, and stressfree. Me and my ex have moved on but we are still friends and I think Ben helped limiting the stress to the point where that was possible.” –R.T.

Child Custody
“My Ex and I never got along since we have been apart and she made it very difficult for me seeing my children. I had a prescription drug problem and that was used against me in determining my ability to see my kids. The courts sided with her for full custody and I only had supervised visitation every other week for 4 hours. Supervision made the experience difficult for me and them and drove me to make a change. “How can my kids respect me if I can’t even see them on my own?” I wanted to see my children on my own without somebody watching over me so I’ve since cleaned up my act. I was referred to Mr. Rosenberg and he did such a good job letting the courts know where I am at in my life as opposed to where I was when the terms of custody were made. I now see my kids every other weekend without supervision and they stay overnight. I feel like I have my kids back and I owe that to Ben’s persuasion with the courts.” –O.B.

Personal Injury
“My mother suffered a broken collar-bone from a trip and fall on her sidewalk that was never salted by her landlord. Ben represented her with her injury claim and we are very happy with the outcome.” –T.S.

Real Estate Closing
“The Law Doctor is AWESOME. I used him years ago when I filed for bankruptcy after hearing one of his radio commercials. I had a great experience with him and I recently had him help me out with closing on my Condo. I’d recommend him to anybody who needs legal help.” –J.O.

Child Support
“Attorney Rosenberg helped me out with modifying child support. My ex-husband had a very good divorce attorney and the amount of child support agreed upon during the divorce proved to be insufficient. I was recommended to Ben by one of my colleagues and he helped me get a reasonable adjustment that I feel I can now support my kids on. Now I wish I used him for the divorce.” –R.T.

Personal Injury
“Ben represented me after I got into a car accident that left me disabled to the point that I could not perform my duties at work. He was excellent every step of the long process in dealing with the insurance companies. His knowledge really helped me
understand what I should do and what I cannot do during the lawsuit. I was very happy with the settlement and I’d recommend him to anyone I know that has been injured.” –M.C.

“Ben helped me with a DUI charge. I was able to keep my license. I’m very happy with the result.” –M.D.

Police Brutality
“Mr. Rosenberg helped my son with his case. He was arrested with excessive force by the officers involved. Mr. Rosenberg was always there when I called him and he gave me the information related to the case every step of the way.” –N.G.