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Here’s an example of a Civil Rights Violation.  It’s a true story:  A New York City Police Officer knocked on the door of my client’s home in Brooklyn, asked if someone – let’s call him “Jimmy” — was inside.  When my client said he didn’t know Jimmy, the Police Officer barged into the house, rammed my client – an elderly gentleman – against a wall and frisked him.  My client suffered injuries to his neck and back.  The LawDoctor made sure that he was compensated for his injuries.

Now I’m not saying that it’s always as crystal-clear as that.  But, if you believe that you’ve been injured by any person in law enforcement (Police, U.S. Marshal, among others), you need to call the LawDoctor for a realistic diagnosis of the matter at hand.  Your injuries might be psychological as well as physical.  There are Federal Civil Rights Laws, as well as State laws to consider.

Once again, timing is everything, because it’s almost a certainty that a Notice of Claim must be filed before any lawsuit can be started.

While we’re speaking about government, let’s not forget that the government can be sued like any private person for causing certain damages.  Hey, even if your foot gets run over by a U.S. Postal Service truck, the LawDoctor will be there to make sure you get compensated for your personal injuries.

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