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The LawDoctor’s words of wisdom:  Before you seek a divorce, try to repair the marriage.  I have foregone much money by telling potential clients to fix their marriage.  Many have done so and thanked me for it.

If, on the other hand, you must get divorced, the question remains:  Contested or Uncontested?

Uncontested means you agree on everything.  That’s pretty easy when there are no children, property or other rights involved.  It can still be easy if the relationship hasn’t gone completely sour and we can fashion an agreement regarding custody, visitation, child support and all other issues.

Contested however, means exactly that.  The issues are thorny – pensions, multiple properties, etc.  Most cases, even those which start out as contested, are ultimately settled.  You need someone who knows how and when to make a deal.  That’s me, the LawDoctor.

Custody and visitation can be very complicated, especially when grandparents are involved.  If you are a grandmother or grandfather, the LawDoctor will make a diagnosis, discuss options, and give a prognosis as to the probability of successfully resolving these issues.

With regard to child support, did you know that in some situations, your driver’s license and other privileges can be revoked for failure to pay child support?  Failure to pay can affect you even when you are no longer residing in New York.  Those seeking child support or payment of arrears should keep this in mind as well.

Bottom line: the LawDoctor will review the records, diagnose and make the appropriate recommendation for treatment.

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