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During a night out on the town, sharing some laughs with friends and tipping a few back, it is very easy to lose track on how many drinks that you actually had.  If you had a bit too much to drink, it is sometimes even more difficult to make a rational decision on whether you had too much to drive.  There are so many who overestimate their level of sobriety, get pulled over, and find themselves in a cold cell in the Queens Detention Facility.

Representing those arrested for DUI’s, DWI’s or DWAI’s since 1990, the Lawdoctor has heard this story many times before and knows this situation leads to the worst hangover that any of his clients have ever had.  Unfortunately an aspirin and tomato juice won’t be the cure, a Queens DWI Lawyer will be needed as well.

If you have recently been arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Queens or if you have a family member currently detained under suspicion of DUI, it is imperative that representation is retained as soon as possible.  As you may recall hearing recently, “everything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law”, it is important to go over exactly what was said during the arrest, along with the details leading up to it.

Benjamin C. Rosenberg, The Lawdoctor, brings decades of experience to the courtroom for his clients.  Understanding each client’s background, criminal history, current situation, and specific details of the actual charge are all unique and are a part of the equation on how to approach the prosecution.

If you or a family member have recently been charged with a DUI in Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Nassau or Suffolk County, New York, please call The Lawdoctor today for a free consultation and to go over the specifics of your case:  (718) 689-2369 or (516) 884-6265

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