Estate Planning Attorney in Bronx NY

Let’s face it:  Buying or Selling a Home, Condominium or Co-op is a big decision.  You need to be able to trust someone.  That’s where the LawDoctor comes in.

For Buyers:  Your real estate broker will say they can refer you to an attorney.  Your mortgage person will say they have a title insurance company they use.  You will be told all sorts of things about how much you will come out of pocket to buy the home.  Well, the LawDoctor is not beholden to any of these people.  I’m just here to give you the straight talk and analysis you need in order to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

The LawDoctor reviews the contract with you, goes through the numbers with you and orders his own title search from an independent title insurance agent in order to make sure that you and your lender are protected.  More importantly, the LawDoctor tells you exactly how the process goes from start to finish.

Sometimes, the deal might be too good to be true.  I will tell you if that’s the case – the exam and diagnosis are for free.

For Sellers:  The LawDoctor drafts the contract, holds the down payment in a bank escrow account, gets the payoff letter from your bank and coordinates with the buyer’s title company in order to make sure that your sale will proceed seamlessly.

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