Visitation Lawyer Bronx, NY

At Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law in the Bronx area, our firm is dedicated to helping individuals and families deal with their visitation matters in an efficient and effective manner. Our firm has 26 years of experience in this practice and in helping clients get the best possible results for their particularly situation.

At Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law, we have worked in visitation matters for 26 years. Through our hard work and attention to detail with every case, we have gained a reputation throughout the visitation community as a team of legal professionals that can help anyone in need of visitation services.

Do not settle for visitation firms that tell you they will do what they can and hope for the best. With 1425 E. Gun Hill Road you will see results. With 26 years of experience handling visitation cases, we will help make your case a success. Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law has the know-how to fight and win. When you need strong advocacy, there is only one place to turn to in the Bronx area, and that is Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law.