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The legal professionals of Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law know how difficult it can be to deal with serious daily wrongful death. After 26 years’s experience, we also understand that you should not have to suffer emotionally or financially because of the negligence of another’s actions. If you have been wrongfully injured and live in the Roosevelt area, our priority is you; And our goals are defining and executing your case, succeeding in court, and attaining great results for a just resolution and fair financial compensation.

After a life-changing wrongful death, your rights and future could be on the line. At Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law we work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. We have studied wrongful death laws both in school and in the professional world, and we are confident that we can help our Roosevelt area client get the compensation that is deserved. 

At Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law, we will work to observe every important detail, including medical expenses, proper witnesses, legal fees, and general grief, in your wrongful death case. No matter the situation, Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law will use our 26 years of experience gained in working with so many clients of the Roosevelt area.

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Do not let insurance companies harass you as you recover from a traumatic wrongful death related incident. You have other matters to attend to after a situation involving wrongful death matters. Let us handle the legal side of it, and call us at (718) 304-3300 today.

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