Estate Planning Attorney Bushwick, NY

Because Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law puts the needs of our clients first, we are never intimidated during estate planning disputes, nor does our Bushwick firm back down in the face of opposition. We make every viable effort to see that the statutes of law and estate planning case precedents are upheld, so justice can prevail.

You give up some rights in legal separation while technically still being married, but our estate planning experience helps us counsel you on those rights in accordance with these agreements. Over the past 26 years we have practiced the law; Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law has seen almost every divorce imaginable. While we have our opinions on what the best course of action is for your case, we will happily support you in whatever strategy you decide to pursue within the Bushwick area.

Are you looking for a reliable estate planning lawyer to work within the Bushwick area? Give our firm a call today at (718) 304-3300. Here at Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law, we will be able to help you no matter what unique aspects your estate planning case has.