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We at Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law understand that being arrested or indicted can be one of the most horrible experiences you can face. We can appreciate how it impacts you, your family, your job, your finances and your future in the Roosevelt area. That said, you can rest assured, knowing the professionals at Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law will be fighting tooth and nail for your case. Our policy towards DUI cases stands as empathy for clients and animosity towards opponents, so count on us to protect your case.


DUI situations can have a negative impact on the future of you and those around you. For the security of your family, you need to contact the DUI attorneys at Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law today. In our 26 years of working in Roosevelt area courts, we have found that many defendants commit some painfully avoidable error in the naiveté of speaking with authorities before retaining proper representation.

Arrest and DUI allegations in the Roosevelt area will be some of the most polarizing moments in your life. They will require the assistance of a dedicated and reputable lawyer like those offered by Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law. We at Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law know that the best defense is a solid offense, a tactic we apply the moment police attempt to question you. Though cooperation with police can look favorable to juries and judges, it is not always in your best interest to talk with law enforcement officers without DUI attorneys present.

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For the legal representatives at Benjamin C. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law, nothing is more important than protecting your rights. If you are faced with DUI matters in the Roosevelt area, call us for the confidence that 26 years of experience can bring to the courtroom. Call (718) 304-3300 today.

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